Monday, November 21, 2016

The Best Parts of My Week - 11/14/16--11/20/16

Hi everyone,
    It was an unconventional week but the “Best Parts” continue to happen!  Just when I think that I can not write about anything new or interesting, something happens to make my day!  

…..Students in the primary grades were beginning to learn how to cooperate using the parachute.  The parachute is so much fun and I was recalling the different parachutes I have had over the years.  The original parachute we used was actually a real parachute!  We started by going over the safety rules and one of the kindergarten students said that you should not jump out of a plane without one!  We had so much fun bringing the parachute up and down and then we played a game that I call “Under the Rainbow”.   The idea is to bring the parachute up and take a step in so the it rises higher.  When students have taken a few steps and the parachute is nice and high we go under it and sit down on the edge to keep the air in as long as possible.  One of the students was so excited I could see it on his face.  His eyes lit up and he said:  “This is AWESOME!”

…...As I was eating lunch in my office one day I noticed that Physical Eddie (who is being cared for by a fourth grade class) was outside playing 4 Square at recess!  It looked like he was having fun!  Check out the adventures of Fitness Frankie and Friends by clicking here!

…..We had a Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador meeting this week and I continued to feel grateful to be a part of this great group of students!  We hung up a Fuel Up to Play 60 banner in the cafeteria and they were so proud….me too!  We are continuing to work on the Great Fitness Calendar Race and I am so proud that this idea came directly from the students.  When we started this group we hoped that they would step up and lead the charge to encourage their peers to make healthy choices and that is exactly what they are doing!  

…..We have been using feelings cards as a way to assess how students were feeling during a cooperative activity.  One student said:   “I felt frustrated because I couldn’t talk and sometimes I just need to talk!”  I totally get it!  Check out our Cooperative Activities Unit by clicking here!

…..I was only at school for Monday and Tuesday and then I had the honor and privilege of attending and presenting at the NYS AHPERD Conference for the rest of the week.  While I miss the students at school, I know that I am growing professionally and sharing some of our successes when I present.  I learned so many new things and spent time with some of the best and brightest of our profession.  I continue to be humbled to be a part of this group…...My advice to any and all who will listen is “Never Stop Learning!”  This is my 34th school year and these kinds of opportunities continue to energize me to do my very best!  I am grateful to work in a district that recognizes that and allows me to grow…..

I hope you enjoyed the "Best Parts of My Week"!  Visit my website:  North Park Physical Education to find out more about our Physical Education program.